This Congress has more energy and urgency than I’ve seen during my time serving the 12th District. A large reason for this is because the American people expect results from this unified government. Congress must follow through on the promises made to fix some of the largest, most-pressing policy challenges facing our country.

Dear Friend,

Legislation is filed in the House of Representatives every day we are in-session. By the end of the 115th Congress, there will be thousands of bills introduced. Hearing from you helps me know what your priorities are.

I recently received an email from a constituent concerned about a bill that was filed in the House. In her message, she shared with me her views on this intricate policy issue and wanted to make sure I knew how she feels about the piece of legislation. I am glad she did.

With so many bills before the House, I appreciate constituents I represent taking the time to tell me what they think about them. This is especially the case for legislation that is not at the forefront of the media, like the bill that concerned the constituent I mentioned here.

When you bring it to my attention, it is helpful for me and my staff to flag the issue and follow-up on it in order to better serve you.


Kay Granger
Member of Congress