Dear Friend,

The heinous terrorist attacks in Paris and the heightened threat environment around the world again demonstrates the resolve of the radicals who want to control the world through tyranny and terror. In these very dangerous times, the first duty of government is to keep the American people safe.

I oppose our country accepting refugees until we implement better safeguards to secure the American people. Terrorists are actively seeking to infiltrate countries posing as refugees in order to kill us. We know one of the suicide bombers in the Paris attacks did so in order to gain access to Europe from the battlefield in Syria.

The plight of refugees fleeing the unspeakable horrors of the Islamic State and Syrian civil war is heartbreaking. The United States will not turn its back on this crisis. That is why the United States has provided $4.5 billion in assistance to relief agencies, organizations and countries in the region to meet the urgent needs of refugees. This is three times more aid than the second-largest provider, the United Kingdom, at $1.5 billion.

Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have accepted nearly 4 million refugees during this crisis. The Persian Gulf states that share a language and culture with Syria, with the exception of the United Arab Emirates, have not accepted any.

Our strategy pertaining to refugees in this heightened threat environment should remain focused on providing significant assistance to those suffering and the nations in the region who accept them. Through this assistance, displaced persons can return to their home country when the crisis has been resolved.


Kay Granger
Member of Congress