Dear Friend,

This week, President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union Address. The State of the Union is an opportunity for the President to set the tone for the year ahead. This address sets the tone for how he is going to interact with Congress and what we can accomplish together as a nation.

I believe the number one priority has to be focused on job creation and growing our economy. This can’t be done by President Obama taking unilateral action with executive orders and circumventing Congress’ role in the governing process. It has to be done by creating an environment for businesses to thrive. While the campaign style rhetoric of blaming Congress has been a go to message for President Obama, the results have always led to partisan gridlock.

My hope is that this year will be a ‘year of action’ that will show progress on the most important issues facing our country which includes reducing our national debt, developing solutions to fixing the problems with ObamaCare, providing an environment for economic growth, and finding ways to work together on legislation that will help put people back to work.

Kay Granger