Dear Friend,

By now there is a good chance you have heard about the Monuments Men of World War II, especially with the just released motion picture about their efforts to save, preserve and return five million pieces of European art and cultural items to their rightful owners.

Honoring the Monuments Men has been an effort I have worked on since 2006 when I first learned about their story. It's an effort I am continuing now with legislation to honor them with the Congressional Gold Medal.

In Fort Worth, we are fortunate to have a special connection to the Monuments Men. The February issue of the Fort Worth, Texas Magazine documents this connection. There is currently a magnificent piece of art hanging in the Kimbell that was stolen by the Nazis during the war. The unique part of this story is that the painting - Turner’s Glaucus and Scylla - was sold to the Kimbell decades ago. The rightful owner of the painting tracked the painting down and the Kimbell agreed to return it at no cost. The painting was then put up on auction where there Kimbell bought it back where it hangs there today.

I’m proud that Fort Worth is able to enjoy this unique connection to this period of time when the greatest generation not only liberated a continent, but saved its cultural history too. 

Kay Granger

P.S. In an effort to build support around my gold medal legislation I have hit the air waves to help show the significance of the Monuments Men to world history. Here are just a couple of my interviews I wanted to share with you.

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