Health Care Law Repeal

February 6, 2015

Dear Friend,  

On Tuesday, the House voted again to repeal the health care law.  

We did so because the message from November was clear that the American people disagree with the direction the country is heading and many of President Obama’s policies. This includes the health care law and the struggles people have faced since the law was implemented.  

The real life stories illustrate some of the major problems with the law: people facing higher out-of-pocket costs, the cancellation of health insurance policies that patients liked, and people having fewer choices in the doctors they can visit because of restrictions in their health insurance coverage. The law’s costly and confusing health insurance mandates on employers threatens job growth and could also result in cuts in some employees’ hours. The website to sign up for coverage has not been effective and as tax season continues this year many people are worried about the financial burden they could face when filing their taxes for the first time under the new law.

The law needs to be replaced and three House Republican chairmen with jurisdiction over portions of the health care law are working together to develop an alternative to the health care law. This includes Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee; Rep. Fred Upton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee; and Rep. John Kline, chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee. This group will examine the different health care alternatives that have been proposed so that we can replace the law with a patient-centered alternative that makes affordable health care available without government over-reach.  

On a different note, I am very proud that Clarin Gniffke, the Outreach Coordinator in my Fort Worth office, was named one of Parker County Today’s “100 Parker County People to Meet”. Clarin formerly attended Weatherford College and is a vital part of my Congressional office and the constituent services we provide. If you see her around town, I hope you will join with me in congratulating her.   
Kay Granger
Member of Congress