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October 21, 2011 Article

By Chris Van Horne

Key fixtures in the much anticipated Trinity Uptown Project in Fort Worth received a shot in the arm Thursday. The Regional Transportation Council of the North Central Texas Council of Governments secured the final $15 million for the Henderson and Main Street bridges.

October 21, 2011 Article

By Rob Robertson

Construction for a pair of uptown bridges central to the development of the $910 million Trinity River Vision project in Fort Worth are now fully funded, thanks to a $15 million commitment from the federal government.

October 19, 2011 Article

By Ron Kampeas

In any other town at any other time they would be a boring, if worthy, pair: Wonkish grandmothers sorting through nitty-gritty foreign policy and budgetary details to keep their country influential and safe.

October 13, 2011 Article

By Donna Cassata

WASHINGTON (AP) — With the U.S. deep in debt and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down, the American military knows it is in for painful spending cuts.

But where?

September 14, 2011 Article

By Steven Lee Myers and David D. Kirkpatrick

July 25, 2011 Article

By Sara Murray and Phil Izzo

More than one in three of the unemployed workers in several of the largest U.S. states have been out of a job for more than a full year.

Across the country, long periods of unemployment have been more prevalent recently than during previous recoveries going back to the 1940s.

June 1, 2011 Article

By Scott Nishimura

Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston continue to lead the nation's largest metro areas in new jobs and the rate of job growth compared with a year earlier, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday.

May 23, 2011 Article

By Jon Riskind and Celestina Blok

May 17, 2011 Article

By:  Jessamy Brown

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS -- Lt. Gen. Patrick O'Reilly returned to his high school and gave a speech good enough to earn a gold star from his former teacher -- adding to the three already on his lapel.

May 16, 2011 Article
By:  Celestina Blok and Jon Riskind
Former mayor, school teacher and small businesswoman and now U.S. representative – Kay Granger could not have imagined that she would be where she is now, playing a key role in the defense of the United States.