WASHINGTON –Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), Republican Leader of the House Appropriations Committee, released the following statement on the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2022, which authorizes funding for the Department of Defense and other national security programs.

“In these challenging times for our country, it is imperative that we provide the Department of Defense with the capabilities necessary to make sure the United States never loses its advantage over our adversaries and supports our troops with a budget to match their courage and sacrifice.

“This legislation authorizes an additional $25 billion in defense spending above the President’s request, ensuring our military has the resources it needs. The bill puts our servicemembers first, providing a pay raise and expanding benefits for families. It puts American workers first with historic investments in our defense industrial base, including additional Bell V-22 Osprey aircraft and new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters produced locally in Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth facility. These investments provide not only military muscle for our armed forces but also reflect a long-term commitment to the North Texas economy.  

“My continued support for America’s great warfighters will never waver. Congress must make certain that our military superiority in the world is never in question.” 


FY22 NDAA Highlights

Support for Texas’ 12th District

  • Authorizes 5 additional V-22 Osprey aircraft.
  • Authorizes an additional $33 million for the Future Vertical Lift program.
  • Authorizes procurement of 80 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

Servicemember Pay and Benefits

  • Authorizes a 2.7% pay increase for servicemembers.
  • Extends military recruitment and retention bonuses and special pay authorities.
  • Reverses President Biden’s cuts to the military health program, increases funding for vaccine research, and provides $115 million for research and treatment of the Havana syndrome that has affected our diplomats and intelligence officers overseas.

Border Security

  • Declares the record number of illegal crossings on our southwest border a national security crisis.
  • Directs additional National Guard resources toward border security.
  • Requires an assessment of the impact on military readiness of DoD transporting illegal immigrants.

Servicemember Rights

  • Preserves servicemembers’ free speech rights by protecting them from being punished for political statements on social media accounts.
  • Prohibits a dishonorable discharge for servicemembers who refuse a COVID-19 vaccination and requires uniform procedures for vaccine exemptions.

Countering China and Russia’s Malign Influence

  • Requires biennial reporting on Russian influence operations and campaigns targeting U.S. military alliances and partnerships.
  • Authorizes over $6.2 billion for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, $1.1 billion above the President’s request.
  • Fully funds the European Deterrence Initiative, including over $120 million in military priorities left unfunded by the Biden budget.