The issue of Education is important to our district and to my work in Congress.

As a parent, former school teacher and the daughter of an educator, I have seen firsthand the triumphs that happen in our classrooms, but also the challenges our students, their teachers, and school administration officials face in today’s education system.

Education is not just a critical step in creating individual opportunities here in the United States, but it also plays a major role in our nation’s continued prosperity and competitiveness. While the government should have a role in encouraging families to get the best quality education for their children, federal lawmakers should not be empowered to make the decisions that parents should be making for their children.

I believe our local school boards, not the federal government, are better equipped to assess the needs and the future of our schools and students.

Additionally, I am committed to having safe schools and ensuring teachers – who have one of the most important jobs in our nation – have the resources they need to make sure our children are prepared to be the leaders, innovators, and job creators of tomorrow