I am the Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for all federal discretionary spending. Before becoming Ranking Member, I served on the following three Appropriations subcommittees:

Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, Chairwoman - The Defense Subcommittee oversees more than 50 percent of discretionary funding in the federal budget. This funding ensures that our military has the resources needed to keep America safe. As Chairwoman, I am committed to rebuilding our military after many years of arbitrary and dangerous budget cuts. The Constitution states that providing for the common defense is among the primary roles of the federal government, and we must do so to ensure the United States and our allies are safe from enemies in these very dangerous times.

State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee - The State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee plays a critical role in our national security. From supporting our ally Israel and our embassy security around the world – to stopping the spread of global terrorism – I oversee many of the key programs that invest in the protection of our homeland. In my oversight role, I insist on ensuring that U.S. taxpayer dollars are being used wisely on proven programs while cutting programs that have not been effective.

Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee - The Energy and Water Subcommittee oversees funding for critical infrastructure projects and federal agencies like the Department of Energy and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Caucuses are small groups within Congress that provide a forum for specific issues or legislative agendas. For example, I launched the bipartisan, Joint Strike Fighter Caucus in 2011 in order to provide Members of Congress accurate and timely information on the development, testing and deployment of our next-generation fighter, the F-35. 

Here is a complete list of caucuses I have joined:

  • Joint Strike Fighter Caucus, Co-Chair
  • Congressional Caucus on Community Health Centers, Co-Chair
  • Disaster Relief Caucus, Co-Chair
  • Working Group for a Working Congress, Co-Chair
  • House Human Trafficking Caucus, Co-Chair
  • US Bipartisan Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, Co-Chair  
  • Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, Vice Chair
  • Americans Abroad Caucus, Member
  • Arts Caucus, Member
  • Coalition for Autism Research and Education, Member
  • Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, Member
  • Congressional Children’s Health Care Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption, Member
  • Congressional Diabetes Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Fire Services Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition, Member
  • Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Internet Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Navy and Marine Corps Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Women’s Caucus, Member
  • House Army Caucus, Member
  • Prevention Caucus, Member
  • Republican Study Committee, Member
  • Republican Women’s Policy Committee, Member
  • Texas Caucus on Shale Oil and Gas, Member
  • USO Congressional Caucus, Member
  • Army Aviation Caucus, Member
  • Historic Preservation Caucus, Member
  • Military Families Caucus, Member
  • Public Health Caucus, Member
  • House Aerospace Caucus, Member
  • Zoo and Aquarium Caucus, Member
  • House General Aviation Caucus, Member
  • House Special Operations Forces Caucus, Member
  • US National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus, Member
  • Congressional Slovak Caucus, Member