Dear Friends,

This week, the House of Representatives passed two popular measures that have cleared the House several times in the past – only to falter in the Senate. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. My colleagues and I voted 300 to 125 for a constitutional amendment allowing Congress to ban desecration of the U.S. flag. I strongly support the right to free speech, but also believe it is appropriate to protect our national symbol. If the amendment can pass the Senate with two-thirds of the vote, it will be sent to the states for ratification. On Wednesday, the House overwhelmingly passed with my support legislation outlawing partial-birth abortions. The bill easily passed the House and Senate twice in the 1990s only to be vetoed by President Clinton. In both instances, the Senate failed to override his vetoes. This year, President Bush has indicated he will sign the ban. The House additionally this week passed bills to crack down on unscrupulous sports agents, make it easier for banks to process checks electronically, and form a committee to study ways to ensure Congress can function after a natural disaster or terrorist attack that killed a large number of lawmakers. Finally, this week I began Spanish classes with several other House members. It’s called “Spanish on the Hill” and is an effort by my caucus to reach out to a growing constituency. What’s on Tap for Next Week? Next week, the House of Representatives is slated to consider legislation to make improvements to airport infrastructure and to send more class action lawsuits to federal courts.

Tengas un buen fin de semana,

Kay Grange