September 25, 2003  


FY 2004 Defense Appropriations Conference Report Passes Through House


Yesterday, the House approved the Department of Defense Appropriations Conference Report for the 2004 Fiscal Year with bipartisan support. The conference report allocates money to crucial defense programs to address many of America’s security needs, including the V-22 Osprey, the Joint Strike Fighter, and the F/A-22 Raptor programs.

Congresswoman Granger (R-Fort Worth) voted for the conference report and commended the bill for its increased capabilities to defend our nation and improve living conditions of our men and women in uniform. The funding of these weapons programs is important to the 12th District of Texas and America’s defense capabilities.

"The men and women who serve our country’s armed forces deserve the most sophisticated equipment, and I support any improvement for their equipment and training," said Granger. "These programs provide thousands of jobs for Dallas-Fort Worth area."

Specifically, the conference report provides funding for a number of major defense programs important to the 12th District. The report provides $1.8 billion for Bell Helicopter’s V-22 Program, out of which $1 billion will go for the procurement of nine MV-22 aircraft for the Marine Corps and two CV-22 aircraft for the Special Operations Command. $4.3 billion is included for continued research and development of Lockheed Martin’s Joint Fight Striker Program.

The report also appropriates over $5 billion for the Lockheed Martin’s F/A-22 Program, including $3.6 billion for the purchase of twenty-two new F/A-22 Air Force fighter aircraft.

Finally, the conference report includes $400 million for Bell Helicopter’s H-1 Upgrade Program, and $51 million for the OH-58 D Kiowa Warrior Safety Extension Program.

"Congress is working very hard to make sure our military needs are met during this critical time for national defense. I am very pleased the Fort Worth defense industry is able to contribute so significantly to this crucial effort," Granger added.