September 23, 2003  


Granger to Travel to Iraq, Visit U.S. Troops, Meet with Bremer, Iraqi Leaders


Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) will join a congressional delegation to Baghdad departing Thursday, September 25, 2003. The delegation will meet with Iraqi government officials and U.S. armed forces commanders, which will provide first-hand knowledge of Coalition efforts to restore security, rebuild infrastructure, and establish a basis for a democratic Iraq run for and by the people of Iraq.

As recent events have illustrated, steps toward sovereignty and democracy will be difficult and require patience and time. Granger and other members of the congressional delegation are committed to helping ensure the effective use of U.S. military forces and economic resources to achieve this mission.

The delegation is scheduled to meet with the following individuals and entities:

• U.S. Troops stationed in Mosul and Baghdad • Iraqi Governing Councils in Mosul, Baghdad, and Tikrit

• Major Gen. David Petreaus, U.S. Air Force, Commander of 101st Airborne

• Major Gen. Ray Odierno, U. S. Army, Commander of 4th Infantry Division

For more information or to schedule an interview or availability with Congresswoman Granger, please call (202) 225-5071.

Please note details are preliminary and are subject to change.