May 24, 2002  


Granger Votes for Emergency Spending Bill to Fight War on Terrorism

Today Congresswoman Kay Granger voted in favor of the Supplemental Appropriations Act for 2002 to help secure the homeland and fight the war on terrorism.

"Our soldiers, intelligence personnel, and domestic law enforcement officials need the resources to keep America secure. Today's vote will give these brave men and women the tools they need to keep our families safe," said Granger.

The emergency supplemental appropriations legislation passed includes $29.4 billion to fund national security. The legislation focuses on four key areas. It provides:

$15.77 billion for the Department of Defense to fund military operational costs, equipment needs, intelligence and training;

$5.8 billion for homeland security, including transportation security, U.S. Coast Guard expense, additional security for the nation’s nuclear facilities, FBI funding to investigate and thwart further terrorist attacks and additional law enforcement training;

$5.5 billion for assistance to New York’s recovery from the 9-11 terrorist attacks; and

$1.35 billion in foreign assistance to help fight disease, expand economic opportunities for women in Afghanistan, and fund counter- narcotics efforts.