Granger Statement on Democrats’ Budget Proposal;
Budget Should Focus on Fiscal Responsibility

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) made the following statement after House Democrats released their FY 2009 budget proposal.
“Today, House Democrats released their fiscal year 2009 budget, laying out their spending priorities for the next fiscal year.  Unfortunately, their proposal does not reflect the fiscal discipline Washington needs to lower the deficit and reform entitlement programs.
“They are also proposing the largest tax increase in American history for the second year in a row.  The $683 billion tax increase will hit working families and small business entrepreneurs the hardest. In fact, under the proposal, 116 million taxpayers will be burdened with an average tax hike of $1,833 per year. 
“During this time of economic uncertainty, higher energy prices, and increasing health care costs, Congress needs to develop a common sense, pro-growth strategy to keep America competitive and lighten the burden on hard-working families, not raise their taxes.”