Dear Friend,

Supporters of the President’s health care bill said we would never see any progress with our repeal efforts. They were proven wrong this week. They said we would never see a vote in the Senate. They were wrong on that front, too. While the repeal vote fell a little short in the Senate, overall, this was a good week for people who don’t want the government running their health care.

On Monday a federal judge in Florida ruled that one of the health care law’s main provisions – the individual mandate – was unconstitutional and threw the whole law out. While this judgment is not the end of the bill, it will disrupt its implementation and makes it more likely the bill will go before the U.S. Supreme Court for a judgment.

As this bill continues to be challenged in the courts, it is also being reworked in Congress. One Senate bill would allow states to opt-out of the three most controversial portions of the health care law, including the individual mandate. This bill has bipartisan support. If a majority of states began to opt-out, the health care bill will no longer be sustainable.

The repeal process is happening on many different fronts. It is happening in Congress, in court rooms and in state capitols. We are seeing activity and progress. It will not happen overnight but if we continue to be focused and determined we may one day see reforms that bring cost saving reforms to families and businesses.


Kay Granger