Dear Friend,

I have been outspoken in my opposition to President Obama’s health care law, and that means I am often asked what I would replace it with.  Two of the big challenges the health care law should have addressed were affordability and coverage.  The two issues are closely related because many Americans cannot get insurance coverage because it is too expensive.  This week I’m proud to have introduced legislation that will help increase coverage by making health care more affordable.

The Affordable Health Care Expansion Act (H.R. 636) repeals the health care law and replaces it with legislation encouraging families to purchase health insurance.  The bill makes it more affordable by providing a refundable, pre-payable tax credit to use for the purchase of health insurance.  Individuals will receive a $1,000 credit, married couples will receive $2,000, and families will receive $500 per dependent (up to $3,000), plus 50 percent of any additional premiums to assist those who may have higher costs.  These tax credits will work like a gift card that you can use to purchase health insurance immediately.   

This proposal is part of a larger effort my colleagues and I are making to replace the President’s health care law with common sense reforms.  My bill would not require all Americans to purchase health insurance, it would simply make it more affordable for those who choose to purchase it.  I want to make sure that if you like the health care you currently have, you can keep it.  I also want you to have access to quality health care that doesn’t break the bank.  My legislation makes these principles the priority.    

Kay Granger