Dear Friend,

At the start of this Congress, Republicans promised we would make serious cuts to federal spending.  This week, the House took a significant step forward in that process.  We have brought serious solutions to the table to address serious challenges.  Up until now, we’ve been talking about cutting billions.  Now, we are talking about trillions.  The budget blueprint the House passed this week will reduce our debt by $6.2 trillion over the next ten years.  It will reduce spending by $1.6 trillion.  At the same time, it will ensure Medicare – which will go bankrupt in nine years if we don’t take action now – is secure for generations to come.

We now need to make sure the White House and Democrat-controlled Senate know that these cuts must happen now.  We can’t kick this problem down the road any longer.  The President stands at the opposite end of the spectrum.  After proposing a budget two months ago that would increase spending and double our nation’s debt over the next decade, he took another shot at a budget proposal this week.  This “re-do” was more of the same:  more taxes, more deficits and more debt.

Now is the time for bold action, and that’s what the Republican budget represents.  It’s time for the President and the Democrats in the Senate to get on board.  I will keep fighting alongside my colleagues to rein in our debt, get spending under control, and get our country back on track.

Kay Granger