Dear Friend,

Over the past few weeks, the debt ceiling has captured the nation’s attention, but talks in Washington have yielded little progress.  The House passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill to begin regaining our nation’s fiscal health.  Unfortunately, the President promised to veto the bill, and last week, it failed in the Senate.

On Monday the President and Speaker Boehner outlined to the nation what they would like to see in the debt negotiations.  With the August 2nd deadline rapidly approaching, I sent you a survey asking for your thoughts and opinions on this critical issue.  Over 3,000 of my constituents responded to this survey.

An overwhelming 81 percent of you said you feel you have enough information to make an informed decision about whether to raise the debt ceiling.  

Many of you are on the same page about what you want to see in the final deal – you want Washington to reel in out-of-control spending, balance the budget as your families have to, and not raise taxes on hard-working American families.  You’ll be glad to know that this week, the House is planning to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, something I have long supported as a way to get our finances in order.

The House is working day and night on this important issue.  The financial credibility of our nation, and lives of all Americans are affected.  We cannot simply raise the debt ceiling without passing real solutions.  I understand this and will continue to represent your priorities as this debate continues.

Kay Granger

Here is some of the feedback I received:

1. A balanced budget and cap to GDP Amendment to the Constitution.  Congress and the President need to have formal, enumerated limitations spelled out in the Constitution in the form of a Constitutional Amendment.  In addition, complete tax reform needs to be accomplished to introduce a fair, balanced tax code.  And lastly, Obamacare needs to be repealed.

2. I'd rather it not be raised, but only with a balanced budget case a move toward a balanced budget amendment.

3. Decreased spending, raise eligibility ages for SS and Medicare, income-scaled Medicare payments, increased revenue.  Do your job, and stop trying to govern by tax ideology!

4. Raise the ceiling to keep the integrity of the USA credit rating, but make sure there are spending cuts as well please.

5. I am in support of careful assessment to see what can be cut.  I am in support of finding ways to increase revenues by closing tax loopholes and by increasing tax rates on the wealthiest Americans.  Thank you for asking!

6. Debt ceiling should not be raised without corresponding real spending cuts.

7. Raising the debt ceiling should only be considered if the President is willing to accept an agreement allowing cuts that offset tax revenues and the proposed ceiling hike

8. Definitely cut spending and don't raise taxes.  I am a Medicare and Social Security recipient but realize that something must be done to keep us from bankruptcy.

9. Cut spending.  Congress has to learn to live within its means!!!!!!!!

10. Massive spending cuts and elimination of wasteful departments of government.

11. Cut spending and raise revenue, just like normal people have to deal with!

12. The two parties need to work together to do what is right for the country - enough of this us against them mentality.  Yes, raise the debt ceiling, but don't stop there.  Spending and revenues must be addressed.

13. Any raise in the debt limit should be accompanied by spending cuts of an equal amount.  Those cuts should take effect NOW, not 5 or 10 years from now.

14. Don't raise anyone's taxes, cut spending, don't raise the debt ceiling.  I support whole heartedly the HOUSE BILL CUT CAP BALANCE. 

15. Reductions in all the government benefit programs, cut trillions from the budget, enact a balanced budget amendment, and a flat tax amendment similar to Russia.

16. A combination of spending reductions and appropriate tax increases on wealthier tax payers.

17. Raise the debt ceiling by $5 Billion with the agreement of an equal amount of cuts until an agreement can be reached to include changing current taxing to a more acceptable tax system such as the flat tax.  Good Luck Kay!

18. Reduce government spending without raising any taxes.  It's obviously more complicated than that, but that is the end result to pursue.

19. More cuts than revenue increases.  Less politics and more genuine compromise to get long term debt under control.

20. No new taxes, no new spending, cuts equal to amount national debt raised.

21. The government needs to learn how to live within their means just like American families have to.

22. Just vote to raise the debt ceiling as you have done many, many times before.  Our country cannot default on our obligations.

23. Whatever is necessary to keep the United States from defaulting.  Then, pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution; if the states don't ratify, that will tell you what you need to know.

24. If you do raise the debt ceiling, then a balanced budget.

25. Would rather not raise it, but that's probably not practical.  If raised, spending must be cut by more than the amount that the ceiling was raised.