Dear Friends,

Since January 2011, the House has focused on chipping away at the new health care law, reducing regulations on business, and passing legislation that creates an environment that is better for job creators.  Just this past week, extended the freeze on federal employee and Congressional pay for the third year in a row – saving an estimated $26 billion. 

As we enter the Second Session of this Congress, I know there is much more that needs to be done.  Last May, House Republicans released our Plan for America’s Job Creators in an effort to grow business, the economy, and most importantly, expand opportunities for all Americans.  

We want to continue to build on our progress, starting with a small business tax cut of 20 percent for small businesses that employ fewer than 500 people. We want to continue to capitalize on domestic energy production by promoting laws that encourage both on and offshore production while fast tracking the permit process to cut through Washington’s red tape.  Finally, we want to pay down America’s debt and put our nation back on a track of fiscal restraint and responsibility.

There will be a lot of legislation coming to the House floor in the next few months that will directly address the concerns that I hear from you every day.  I want you to know that I understand the House cannot pass these measures alone; finding common ground is critical.  Working together through this political gridlock is the only way we can successfully move forward and pass common sense policy. 



Kay Granger
Member of Congress