ObamaCare Rollout Concerns

December 18, 2013

Dear Friend,

Since the health care website’s rollout, I have received numerous phone calls, emails and letters from constituents who are concerned about ObamaCare’s impact on their personal health care and our nation’s health care system. As an ObamaCare enrollee myself, I share your concerns, especially after seeing the ongoing problems with the website.

Even though some of the website’s bugs have now been resolved, there are still lingering problems with the website and the overall implementation of the health care law. Many people signing up for health insurance on the federal government’s website are being told they have completed the process and have health insurance, but are later finding out their information was never transmitted to the actual insurance companies, or the forms the insurance company received were incorrect or incomplete. Without correct and complete information from the federal government website, insurance companies cannot provide the health insurance coverage people are expecting.

Another serious concern I have is about the security of the federal exchange website. When registering for coverage, people have to supply a significant amount of personal information; this includes IRS information and data like your social security number. Testimony, and documents, from Health and Human Services officials have revealed that the website did not go through all of the necessary security testing that was needed before the website went live.  

These are just some of the many issues with HealthCare.gov and the new law in general. I am not surprised that these problems have come up, which is why I voted for legislation that would delay the requirement that everyone have health insurance by 2014. As the holiday season is upon us, Americans do not need this kind of uncertainty when it comes to their health care coverage. 


Kay Granger
Member of Congress

P.S. Last week, I was asked to join the House Republican leadership during their weekly press conference to highlight many of these very concerns. To watch my remarks, click here.