WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX) released the following statement on the comprehensive budget agreement approved by the House of Representatives Wednesday:

“The budget agreement approved by the House of Representatives Wednesday ensures that Congress provides funding needed to support our nation’s national defense. It will stabilize the budget process, allowing our military to plan and conduct exercises and operations, procure vital warfighting equipment and pay our service members.

“I strongly support the budget agreement provision that lifts the fiscal cap on defense spending by $25 billion – although this falls short of the $30 billion in the defense authorization bill passed by Congress but vetoed by the President. Because the agreement carries through the next fiscal year, both the Department of Defense and Congress can plan for an orderly budget process into 2017, rather than struggle through never-ending fiscal emergencies that have confronted us recently.

“I am also pleased that the agreement prevents a drastic 50 percent increase in Medicare premiums for more than 15 million senior citizens. The agreement also repeals the employer healthcare mandate and offers relief to businesses forced to navigate the inefficient system created by the current healthcare law.”