WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) issued the following statement regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris: The terrorist attacks on the people of Paris – with the apparent guidance and support from the Islamic State – are a heinous crime that reminds us all that we are at war with the radicals who want to control the world through tyranny and terror. These attacks are a warning that the United States response to the Islamic State has been inadequate. The Administration must understand that this terrorist group is a threat to the entire world, and we need a response that will help us defeat this threat. Seeing these terrorists strike in the heart of Europe is a dire warning that Congress must provide our military and intelligence agencies with all the funding and equipment necessary to protect our national security abroad, where these threats develop. I will continue to push for strong funding for our national defense, and for the programs overseen by the State Department that aid in the fight against ISIS, other terrorist groups, and other radical extremists. The news that at least one of the attackers may have entered Europe as a "refugee" reinforces my concern about the Administration’s policy to increase Syrian refugees coming into the United States. We cannot allow Syrian refugees in the United States in the current dangerous environment. We have provided significant assistance to the refugees and nations in the region to address the crisis, and that should continue to be our response. Also, this renewed threat of terrorism plots should be a warning that we must keep terrorist detainees in the maximum security of Guantanamo Bay. We cannot allow them to be brought to the United States, or to be set free to rejoin ISIL or Al Qaeda in their war against the world. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris and those whose loved ones have been murdered or injured. Our response to these atrocities must be to unite with our friends and allies around the world with a renewed commitment to the annihilation of the Islamic State. ###