WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) released the following statement after it was announced that an initial framework agreement has been reached by the P5+1 negotiating countries regarding Iran’s nuclear program.
“The ultimate goal is to ensure Iran does not become a nuclear power in the Middle East. I am not convinced at this time that the initial agreement that has been reached will meet this goal. There are too many details that have not been clarified to ensure that Iran will not have the capability to develop a nuclear weapon. I remain firmly opposed to scaling back or removing bipartisan sanctions that have been placed on Iran before the international community is able to verify that Iran is dismantling its nuclear program. In addition, long-term monitoring of Iran’s future activities is essential to ensure full compliance.

“It is imperative that Congress is fully consulted before any final agreement with Iran is reached. The security of the United States is at stake as well as our key allies in the region; specifically Israel. Any agreement that threatens the security of the State of Israel is not an agreement I can support and I know most of my colleagues in Congress agree. Israel should not have to live under threat from a regime that has openly advocated for its destruction.

“Iran has proven itself an untrustworthy member of the international community in the past. The Administration must be prepared to enact serious consequences should negotiations fail and Iran moves forward with their nuclear program.”