Americans voted to change Washington last November. I heard that message loud and clear. That is why I’ll be sharing with you bills before the House that take concrete action to change Washington for the better.

Dear Friend,

I’ve heard from small business owners in the 12th District about the harmful effect overreaching federal regulations are having on jobs and businesses. With many already feeling left out in today’s economy, job creators are being buried by the costs of complying with this added red tape.

Having owned a small business before entering politics, I know that the person who understands a business best is the owner. Not a bureaucrat in Washington.

Unfortunately, this does not stop regulators from finalizing new rules without considering unintended consequences and the impact on jobs or wages.

The Regulatory Accountability Act that passed the House last week changes that. It reforms the writing of regulations to make rules easy to understand for small businesses, provides the public a greater voice in the rulemaking process, and increases the power of courts to block unnecessary new rules.

With this thoughtful approach, the House’s concrete action provides much-needed relief to business owners and helps them create jobs in communities all across the country.


Kay Granger
Member of Congress