Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) spoke on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives this afternoon in support of the Continuing Appropriations Act (H.J.Res 123) providing funding through December 22, 2017:

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today in support of this Continuing Resolution.

Our most solemn responsibility as Members of Congress is to provide for our nation’s security.

The world is more dangerous and unstable than any time in recent history.

The threat from North Korea grows each day.

Russia continues to create instability in the Ukraine, the Baltics, and the Balkans.

China is militarizing the South China Sea and modernizing their military at an alarming pace.

Meanwhile, ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists continue to spread their perverted version of Islam across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

All of our adversaries are acting in an aggressive manner.

We must send a clear message to our adversaries that our military is prepared to confront anyone who threatens us at any time.

A shutdown of the Department of Defense will only embolden our adversaries and threaten our national security.

Our military needs stable, predictable, and timely funding to ensure they are prepared to meet the threats we face now and in the future. 

Members demonstrated their commitment to rebuilding our military this past summer by passing the Make America Secure Appropriations Act, which included the defense appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2018.

Only a budget agreement that gives our men and women in uniform the funding they need and removes the threat of sequester will provide them that certainty.

The House must pass this Continuing Resolution to allow time for an agreement to be reached that will fully fund our nation’s defense.

Shutting down the government is not an option. 

I urge all members to their support this very important legislation.

Thank you and I yield the balance of my time.