Dear Friends--I wanted to provide you with a brief update on the current partial government shutdown. Last month, House Republicans acted to keep our government open by passing a bill to continue government funding and provide the full $5.7 billion the Department of Homeland Security deemed essential to secure our border. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats chose to vote down this bill, opting to shut down parts of our government. Nancy Pelosi even stated, “The fact is, a wall is an immorality.  It’s not who we are as a nation.”

Let me explain what the partial shutdown means.  The partial government shutdown affects about 800,000 federal employees, and the longer it persists, the more people will be negatively impacted.  Major agencies that currently do not have funding include the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, the Interior, Justice, State, Transportation, Treasury and the Environmental Protection Agency.

As the Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Committee for the 116th Congress, I have the high honor of working with Chairwoman Lowey to find a real solution to reopen the government during this critical time.  Sadly, House Democrats’ funding proposal is not a good faith effort and puts us further behind in resolving the differences between the House, the Senate, and the White House.

I’ve helped work out many agreements as Mayor of Fort Worth and a Member of Congress, but you can’t negotiate when the other party won’t come to the table.

It’s time Democrats get serious about border security and stop playing games with America’s safety.  As Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Committee, I will fight every day for conservative values and hold the Democrats accountable.

My friend Rep. Steve Scalise outlines here why we must come together and pass the funding necessary to fully secure our border.

I want you to know that I am committed to finding a deal that will secure our border and reopen the government.  Until Congress reaches an agreement, I have requested my pay be withheld until the government is fully operational.

As always, please feel free to contact our Washington, DC and Fort Worth office with any questions you may have.


Kay Granger 
Member of Congress