WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX), the Republican Leader of the House Appropriations Committee, released the following statement today upon House passage of the FY2020 Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

“Fort Worth and the Metroplex play a vital role in our national security.  Not only do we have an exceptional base, Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, thousands of my constituents design and build the equipment and technology that is needed to keep our military strong.  I was proud to fight to make sure this year’s defense spending bill provides our military with the resources needed to keep this country safe, and also provides the top-notch care our military families deserve.  As the top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, I was proud to be personally involved in creating the bill that is so vitally important to our national defense and to the thousands of North Texans whose careers and families depend on the defense and aviation industry.   

“This bill provides for much needed modernization to include additional funding for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program and the Army’s revolutionary Future Vertical Lift Program. Specifically, the bill provides 98 total F-35 aircraft to maintain air dominance and superiority over China and Russia.  It also provides $779 million for the Army’s Future Vertical Lift program and provides an additional 14 V-22 tiltrotor helicopters.   These programs will keep our nation at the front of the fight and will both protect and increase jobs in North Texas.

“The bill also recognizes the vital role that Space plays in our national defense and provides President Trump with the funding needed to stand up the U.S. Space Force—our nation’s sixth armed service.  I strongly support the President and his efforts.  China and Russia continue to be the leading threat in Space and the funding provided in the bill ensures our cutting-edge research and development will allow us to maintain control of the this most important domain.

“Our military families deserve the best support we can provide them.  The bill funds a 3.1 percent military pay raise, the largest in a decade, and provides for critical research for diseases affecting our uniformed men and women, such as pancreatic cancer.  Additionally, the bill provides the critical mental health resources necessary to support much needed military suicide prevention efforts.  The health and well-being of our military members and their families is a national priority, and I am proud to support them in this year’s appropriations bill.”