FORT WORTH – Top Appropriations Committee Republican Kay Granger (R-TX) hosted Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist in Fort Worth for a tour of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 facility, conducting oversight on aircraft production and discussing the future of the U.S. military. Secretary Norquist visited the facility with Granger so that he could see first-hand the world’s most lethal fifth-generation aircraft.

"Lockheed is a critical partner in our efforts to rebuild our military and bolster our defense capabilities, and Fort Worth is vital to our national security – it’s a hub for many defense companies that make the equipment to protect and defend this great nation. Deputy Secretary Norquist’s visit highlights the important work that could only be done by our world-class workforce. We will continue to be at the forefront of a strong national defense, ensuring a safer and freer America,” said Ranking Member Granger.

“With growing threats from China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and others, we must ensure President Trump has the tools necessary to remain unmatched on the battlefield and destroy any adversary. Our men and women in the military deserve the most cutting edge and effective weapons and equipment. I look forward to working with the Department to increase F-35 production.”

Secretary Norquist stated, “Seeing the assembly of all three variants of this combat proven, fifth-generation aircraft was impressive. This platform provides unrivaled battle space awareness and lethality to meet the challenges of the high-end fight envisioned in the National Defense Strategy. The F-35 Lightning II is also DOD’s largest cooperative acquisition program, bringing together three U.S. military services (Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy), and seven partner nations to develop, produce, and sustain this aircraft. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all of our defense partners who work with us to keep this nation, and the globe a safer place.”  

Please contact the office of Congresswoman Granger for additional photos and information.