WASHINGTON – Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), Lead Republican for the House Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement after the House passed H.R. 8337, a short-term continuing resolution (CR) to continue federal funding through December 11, 2020. Among the issues Granger fought for were assistance for farmers and ranchers through the Commodity Credit Corporation and a nutrition program for low-income students who are out of school. The final agreement comes after Speaker Pelosi initially walked away from a bipartisan agreement to include these two items.

"During this unprecedented time, it is more critical than ever that the federal government remain open and functioning for the American people, and I am relieved that Democrats decided to put politics aside to pass this short-term funding bill.  

“Throughout negotiations, I fought to ensure that our farmers, ranchers, and students have the support they need – when they need it most, and I am proud to say that this bill includes that assistance.

"While I am disappointed that we are not passing full-year funding bills, the alternative would have been an unnecessary and costly government shutdown – our economy, our national security, our veterans, and the public health would have been jeopardized.

"I remain hopeful that passing this bill will allow the government to continue operating and give the House and the Senate time to work out our differences on FY21 funding bills after the election.

"I am also hopeful that the Congress and Administration will continue this spirit of bipartisanship as we continue working towards a deal to help other industries – like the airline industry, which employs thousands of hardworking Texans in and around my district – who are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic."

Click here to view Ranking Member Granger’s comments on the House Floor.