As your Congresswoman, I am honored to be your advocate and representative in Washington, and I will always put the needs of my constituents in the 12th Congressional District first. 

Today, Texans are facing the highest inflation rate in more than 40 years, and economists are recommending that American households prepare to spend an additional $400 a month to cover rising costs. Texans should not be forced to cover an extra $5,000 per year because of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s out-of-control spending.

I know how much Americans are struggling with inflation and the prices of everyday goods.  That is why I voted against the Democrats’ misguided appropriations package, H.R. 8294.  The $400 billion package spends too much and includes harmful policies that will drive up inflation and make our country’s energy crisis even worse.  

As the Republican Leader of the Appropriations Committee, I led my colleagues in offering common-sense changes, but as expected, Democrats rejected most of our amendments. As a result, because of the spending levels and controversial policies included in these bills, Republicans voted against them.

Even with record-high inflation, House Democrats decided to jam their out-of-touch appropriations package through the floor.  The bill is loaded with reckless spending increases that will further fuel inflation. For example, it includes a 20% increase for the Environmental Protection Agency, and a $1 billion increase for the Internal Revenue Service. 

At a time when Texans are paying nearly $5 for a gallon of gas and nearly 20% more in energy services like electricity and natural gas, this bill prioritizes partisan climate initiatives over domestic energy production. 

The bill also goes out of its way to be divisive by allowing taxpayer dollars to be used for abortions. 

The Democrats’ spending package also does not prioritize national security.  Instead, it wrongfully allows Guantanamo Bay to close, allowing dangerous terrorists to be transferred to our soil adding one more reason that I cannot support it.  

In my role on the Appropriations Committee, I am committed to ensuring taxpayer money is used responsibly – especially at a time when families across the nation are struggling to make ends meet. I feel strongly that the wasteful spending in H.R. 8294 will only prolong this country’s economic instability, and that is why I opposed the bill. 

Texans and all Americans deserve better.