With many of you concerned about our nation’s future, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the work I am doing in Congress to reduce wasteful spending and bring better stability to our country through our annual appropriations bills.  

I have been a member of the House Appropriations Committee for over two decades.  In that time, I am proud to have been the first Republican woman to serve on Defense Subcommittee and later serve as the Subcommittee’s first woman Chair.  This year, after serving as the lead Republican in the prior two Congresses, my colleagues elected me to be Chairwoman of the full Appropriations Committee.  

In this role, I work daily, advocating for fiscal responsibility and conservative priorities. While working closely with my colleagues in the House and Senate to ensure the needs of the American people are properly met, I will oversee important legislation that funds our government – all while addressing our nation’s growing national debt.  

To give you some background on the Appropriations Committee, it was created in 1865 at the conclusion of the Civil War when Members of the U.S. House of Representatives decided it was necessary to have a standing committee with jurisdiction over spending bills.  Today, the Committee is one of the most influential, as it is responsible for all federal discretionary spending.

As Chairwoman of the Committee, I have pledged to reduce spending without impacting our national security, our commitment to veterans, or our border security. Through this year’s funding bills, we will:

  • Strengthen our national defense and ensure our military has the resources necessary to counter China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other global threats;
  • Fully honor our commitment to veterans and provide them with the health care, benefits, and services they deserve;
  • Restore the rule of law by providing resources to secure the border and undo the Biden Administration’s harmful open border policies.
  • Protect traditional American values and continue long-standing pro-life and Second Amendment protections.
  • Promote energy independence and reduce our dependence on China by supporting domestic production of energy and critical minerals – an issue I know is important to Texans.

We can do all of these things and reduce the total amount the federal government spends by cutting wasteful government programs and pulling back unused COVID money.

In my role on the Appropriations Committee, I am committed to ensuring taxpayer dollars are used responsibly – especially at a time when families across the nation are struggling to make ends meet.

As always, I will continue to fight for you and the priorities of TX12 in Washington.