By Michael Gryboski

A Congresswoman helped a Texas teen, who is carrying a cross from his home state to Washington, D.C., get permits to display the giant cross in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House.

Republican Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas helped 19-year-old Junior Garcia of Oasis Church International get the necessary permits to set up the 12-foot cross at the famous park.

"I am proud of Junior and impressed with his commitment to this journey," said Granger in a statement given to The Christian Post.

"His passion and faith are inspiring. I am glad he will have the opportunity to have this prayer service in such a prominent location."

Located opposite the White House, with Pennsylvania Avenue between them, Lafayette Park is the sight of many demonstrations, protests, and rallies. Garcia and the friends accompanying him on the cross-country walk are hoping to erect the cross at the park and then hold a time of prayer.

A representative of the Oasis Church told CP that there were many reasons why Garcia was carrying the cross from Texas to within sight of the White House.

"Other than bringing attention to the cross, Junior and the team are trying to raise money to purchase a vehicle for a missionary who is going to Mexico," said the representative via email.

"He is walking so the missionary will not have to."

Many people have left positive messages of prayer and encouragement for Garcia on the Facebook page of Oasis Church, where updates are posted about his progress.

"We are glad it is somewhat cooler in TN than it currently is in TX...It was 106 here yesterday. May God give them a sweet and cool breeze as they walk today," posted Susan Whitby.

"My daughter and I saw him this morning on 820 w! God be with you Junior Garcia!" posted Jennifer DiMarco.

In an interview with local media, the 19-year-old college student explained the origins of his desire to carry the cross to the nation's capital.

"I just felt that separation from Him and felt like it was just time to get rid of worldly desires and focus on Him," said Garcia to CBS Dallas Fort Worth.

"I remember looking up to heaven saying, 'I'm yours.' That day, I decided to take up my cross. And I felt so strong in my heart. And I felt Him tell me where to go and how to go. And that's where we're going – Washington, D.C."