An Update on August

September 7, 2018

Dear Friends-- I want to provide you with a brief update on some of the meetings and events that I had with constituents during the August district work period. Although you may have heard it referred to as “August recess,” the word “recess” is misleading. August is a district work period that enables me to meet constituents and listen to priorities and concerns of people of the 12th Congressional District.

I asked to meet with a group of Fort Worth firefighters. They wanted to discuss the tragic, ongoing opioid epidemic. The drug epidemic has greatly increased the number of calls they make each month and the dangers they face on each visit. Like our police, the firefighters place themselves in danger with every encounter they face when the call puts them face to face with someone coming out of self-induced drug overdose. Opioids may be the worst illegal drug issue we have faced yet.

I continue to be very concerned about school safety. During August, I met with several constituent groups and organized a roundtable with school superintendents and law enforcement from throughout the metroplex. I met with the group Grandmother’s Against Violence and several high school students. It was very insightful for me to hear from all of them. Their march brought out thousands and young people like them are our future. We had great discussions and agreed the most important thing is that students and teachers are safe and can get back to focusing on education.

I hosted a school safety roundtable, where I brought together 32 Superintendents, ISD staff and Law Enforcement from around the district to discuss school safety. We discussed several measures to improve school security, including legislation I worked on which will make funds available to schools to purchase advanced safety equipment and technologies and provide them much needed training. We agreed to continue to meet and exchange information regularly. We must make our schools safe. As a grandmother, mother and former teacher, I care deeply about this topic.

Over the work period, I also paid a visit to the USS Fort Worth in San Diego. I had the honor to meet with the crew and present awards to the Sailor of the Quarter and Senior Sailor of the Quarter. After many years of working with our military, I can proudly say the crew of USS Fort Worth are some of the best men and women serving our country. The people of Fort Worth can take great pride in our namesake.

I was also pleased to host my 11th Annual Mayor’s Roundtable. As always, it was a productive afternoon with 23 mayors from across the district attending. During the roundtable I gave a legislative update, and we discussed issues affecting our communities.

It is very valuable to be able to meet with and hear directly from my constituents. I appreciate everyone who took the time to talk with me.


Kay Granger
Member of Congress