Dear Friends— Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated President Trump for colluding with the Russian government for almost two years; a potential act of treason.

I want to explain the extent of the investigation, and the resources used to investigate the accusations levied against the President.

I also would like to give my thoughts on the downright irresponsible rhetoric we have seen.

Here are just some of the resources used to investigate the accusations:

  • Around $30 million dollars in taxpayer money
  • Nearly 500 witnesses interviewed
  • 675 days long
  • 19 lawyers employed by the special counsel
  • 40 FBI agents and staff investigating
  • Approximately 500 search warrants executed

The investigation found no evidence of collusion with Russia by the President or his campaign.

Treason is the betrayal of one’s own country. It is one of the most serious crimes for which you can be held accountable, punishable by death.

We have heard accusations from some in the media and leaders in the Democrat Party, charging that the President of the United States illegally colluded with a foreign government. Some called it treasonous.

We deserve better from our leaders than fearmongering.

Words matter. They can be used as an accelerant to stoke the flames of emotion or they can be used to de-escalate violence and promote peace.

I have watched the words of some in the media and leaders of the Democrat party used to incite hatred and anger.

It is unacceptable.

It is my hope that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle put an end to their destructive and divisive rhetoric and get back to the work of the American people.


Kay Granger

Member of Congress