Dear Friend,

Texas has experienced one of the worst wildfire seasons in recent history, with over 400 homes destroyed and 2.2 million acres burned.  As a state, we have one of the best disaster response teams in the country and our efforts have been effective.  However, even a state as organized as Texas has its limits.

On April 16th Governor Perry sent a letter to the President asking for a Major Disaster Declaration so we could receive FEMA assistance to help support our disaster response efforts.  Four days later, I joined with the Texas delegation in sending a bipartisan letter to the President, supporting Governor Perry’s request.  Just this week, the Administration denied Texas’ request for help.  Now, with the support of the Texas delegation, the Governor’s office will begin the appeal process.

When tornadoes devastated the South, the Administration rightly wasted no time making sure help was available to them.  The destruction in Texas apparently is just not enough.  As the hundreds of firefighters, first responders, and communities across Texas feel the impact of these wildfires, my colleagues from the Texas delegation and I will not stop fighting for the disaster aid Texas needs and deserves.

Kay Granger