Dear Friends,

Veterans play a large and distinct role in the future and economic prosperity of our community in North Texas. With industrial partners like Lockheed Martin, Bell, and other non-defense interests, our region is primed to benefit from the unique skills and education that our nation’s military veterans can provide. 

Nearly 10 percent of Texans over the age of 18 are veterans, and many of them call North Texas home. Texas has the second highest veteran population in the United States, and veterans make up nearly 20 percent of the population in some of our North Texas counties. Our region is primed to attract military veterans into our local workforce and communities, and the State of Texas offers several state-specific veteran education and transition benefits that can help.

The State of Texas offers veterans and their dependents an array of options to support transition from the military. Whether a veteran served for six months or six years, there are many programs aimed at helping military veterans either seamlessly transition into the workforce or attend school at state or federal government expense to ensure a successful transition. One of the most unique programs available to certain Texas veterans is the Hazelwood Act. 

The Hazelwood Act is a State of Texas program first approved in 1943 that provides certain Texas veterans with up to 150 credit hours at any of the state’s public universities or colleges for free. The benefit can also be extended in certain circumstances to spouses and dependents of military veterans. The Hazelwood Act makes our great state attractive to transitioning military members and their families and helps contribute critical skills to our local economy. The Texas Veterans Commission oversees this unique program, and I encourage you to contact them or visit their website to learn more about the incredible veteran education benefits available in Texas.

If you are a Texas veteran eligible for educational benefits provided by the Hazelwood Act, I encourage you to take advantage of the program and put your newfound skills and education to work right here in the great state of Texas.


Kay Granger