Dear Friend,

We are all feeling pain at the pump.  In Texas, the average price per gallon of gasoline is $3.77, and by Memorial Day, it is predicted to surpass the all time national high of $4.11.  Our inability to expand domestic energy production has made the most necessary tasks more expensive.  Grocery shopping, picking the kids up at school, and going to work are all costing more. 

In March, the President praised Brazil for expanding their offshore drilling capabilities while our energy production is at a standstill.  Meanwhile, the Administration supports policies such as a National Energy Tax, which will permanently increase the cost of our energy.  According to the Department of Energy, the Democrat's energy policies such as taxing energy and increasing regulations will cost American families on average $700 more  a year to fill up.

Last month, House Republicans introduced the American Energy Initiative, mapping out a path forward on domestic energy production and investing in our own resources through the expansion and exploration of offshore oil and gas while expanding alternative and green energy power sources.  This “all of the above” approach is what we need, and will help generate more jobs in Texas.  Republicans will continue pushing legislation to support our 21st Century energy agenda so we can take action now.

Kay Granger