Dear Friend: 

Just last week Republicans and Democrats in the House came together to support legislation that prevents jobs from being sent overseas.  With all the gridlock in Washington these days, I am very encouraged by the willingness of House Members to put aside partisan politics and do what is right for our economy. 

Together, we passed H.R. 436 – the Health Care Cost Reduction Act – repealing the medical device tax that was part of the new health care law.  This is not only a health care issue, it is also a jobs issue.  Without the repeal of this 2.3 percent tax on the sale of medical devices, an estimated 14,500 jobs would be lost in the United States and would be sent overseas.  The medical device industry also spends billions of dollars in research and development, and this medical device tax would hurt the innovations that allows Americans to have the latest technology when it comes to devices such as cardiac defibrillators and artificial joints.  Our economy cannot afford these kinds of taxes and I was proud to support the repeal along with a bipartisan majority in the House.

The jobless rate went up to 8.2 percent in May, marking the first rise in unemployment in almost an entire year.  This news was followed by the Federal Reserve’s announcement that the average American family’s net worth has dropped by 40 percent over the past three years – erasing nearly two decades of accumulated family wealth. 

It is clear that our economy is still struggling to recover and that families continue to pay the price.  The House has responded by passing a series of jobs bills that would help grow the economy.  Unfortunately, the Senate still refuses to even debate many of our bills.  The House is working together to pass legislation that will help our economy, and I hope the Senate follows suit. Together, we can turn things around.     



Kay Granger

Member of Congress