Dear Friend,

There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether we should allow the government to default on its obligations, and what that will mean for everyday Americans.  I have heard from many friends and constituents on both sides of this issue.  I want to make sure that you know that if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, the people who have served our country and who are currently serving our country will suffer.  Let me explain why.

If we reach the debt limit, the government will not have enough money to meet all of its obligations.  That means our government will not have enough money to pay our troops serving in harm's way, pay for TRICARE benefits, and fund benefits for our veterans. 

Many of you have asked why is it that our soldiers and veterans - who are always asked to sacrifice so much – are always the ones penalized when Congress and the President can’t agree.  When the government was facing a potential shutdown earlier this year, endangering funding for our troops and veterans, I joined with my colleagues in looking for ways to ensure that no matter what political disagreements occur in Washington, our troops and veterans will always get the pay and benefits they were promised. 

Unfortunately, those changes have not yet been made, so if we do not raise the debt ceiling, our troops and our veterans will once again face the prospect of not having a paycheck and health care.

This is one more reason why it is so important for the House, the Senate, and the President to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling immediately, which includes a long term plan for cutting our spending and our national debt.


Kay Granger