Dear Friends,

The defense and security of our great nation is among my top priorities. Our nation’s military is the best in the world, and that is due in large part to the top-notch officers that lead our forces. The Military Academy, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy educate and commission many of these fine officers that come from communities just like ours.

Each fall, I have the great responsibility of nominating applicants from our district for appointment to our U.S. service academies. These prestigious institutions prepare college-age Americans to serve as officers in our armed forces and lead our military men and women. For decades, the rigorous academics, challenging physical requirements, and specialized military training have continued to produce our nation’s most capable leaders.

Attending a service academy is an honor that stems from the long and distinguished histories of the schools and the quality of education they provide. Collectively, our nation’s academies have produced Presidents, global business leaders, sports figures, astronauts, and countless wartime heroes. Each of these institutions have decorated histories of distinction and collectively commission thousands of officers each year.

Later this year, I will plan to meet with our talented local students applying to be admitted to our service academies. Appointment to a service academy requires not just an application, but also nomination by your member of Congress. Admission is highly competitive: each academy seeks to recruit the highest performing, physically fit, and most well-rounded young men and women for military service. As your representative in Washington, I have the honor of interviewing the candidates from our own District 12, and the responsibility of nominating our District’s applicants.

My staff and I are here to guide applicants as they pursue their nomination. The nomination application deadline for the Class of 2025 is Friday, October 16th, 2020 by 5:00PM CST. If you would like more information on applying for a nomination to the U.S. service academies, please contact my Service Academy Coordinator at (817) 338-0909 or visit my website.

Now more than ever, we need our nation’s best to lead our military. I am confident that our district stands ready to produce our nation’s future military leaders, and I stand ready to support them!


Kay Granger