Coronavirus Update: April 23, 2020

By The Numbers:
Statistics are current as of April 23, 8:00am CT
  • In Texas, 216,783 people have been tested, resulting in 21,069 cases and 543 deaths, as reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services. An estimated 1,678 patients are in Texas hospitals, and 7,341 coronavirus patients in Texas have successfully recovered.
    • Tarrant County has at least 1,333 confirmed cases; Parker County has 21 confirmed cases; and Wise County has 13.
  • In the United States, there are at least 802,583 cases and 44,575 deaths, as reported by the CDC.
    • 250,800 cases are in the New York City area - the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak.

Need to Know:

  • Providing more economic and healthcare relief: Wednesday evening, the Senate passed the latest coronavirus relief bill that will provide our small businesses another lifeline by replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program, as well as provide our hospitals an additional $75 billion in much-needed resources. The House is planning to vote on this package this morning, and I am in Washington to vote in-person today on this important legislation.
  • Getting Texans and Americans back to business—safely: Last Thursday, I was honored to be chosen by President Trump to serve on the President’s task force on reopening the economy, a new bipartisan group addressing when and how to reopen the American economy and recover from the coronavirus pandemic. This Congressional task force will create a crucial dialogue between the President, top Administration officials, and a bipartisan group of my Congressional colleagues on how best to keep America prosperous—and healthy.
    • Last Friday, Governor Abbott also announced the “Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas” to reopen Texas, while keeping our communities safe. The Governor’s task force is packed with top business and medical leaders from across our state, including the DFW area, and is committed to reopening in phases, guided by data.
  • Receiving your economic impact payment: Millions of Texans have received their coronavirus impact payments, but some have not. If you were not included in the first wave of payments, then you will get your payment in the next few weeks, according to a helpful new memo from the House Ways and Means Committee. The first round of paper checks is expected to be mailed this week and will be sent to Americans making under $75,000 first. Click here for more information.