Dear Friend,

With our economy struggling, some veterans are already having a hard time transitioning into the civilian workforce.  While there are public and private efforts to help these veterans find jobs, too often they end up unemployed for extended periods of time.  Our veterans chose a career in the service of our country and we need to make sure they have an every possible opportunity when they return from combat.   

Veterans have the work ethic, the leadership and specialized skills that make them well-qualified for positions in the private sector.  Unfortunately, bureaucratic red tape often delays veterans from utilizing their unique talents and experience.  It is common for our veterans to discover that even though they have the training to perform a wide variety of occupations when they leave the service, businesses, states and even other departments of the federal government may not recognize their training.  This can delay a veteran’s transition by requiring them to undergo unnecessary certification of their proven skills and prevents them from quickly moving into the workforce.  This is unacceptable, and this week the House took action to stop these delays from happening.   

With the passing of the Veteran Skills to Jobs Act, veterans returning to civilian life will have a smoother transition to jobs that match their talents.  This bill requires federal agencies to streamline the licensing process for veterans seeking a private sector job that that they have demonstrated they are qualified to do.  Instead of requiring veterans to undergo a lengthy and redundant training process to gain the skills that they already possess, these agencies would simply issue licenses to trained, qualified veterans. 

Seven states have already taken the lead to fix this problem.  The Veteran Skills to Jobs Act is a common-sense solution to a very serious bureaucratic problem.  Matching veterans with federal licenses that require their expertise is good for veterans and good for our economy.  Be assured that I will continue working to do all that I can to help veterans find careers that give them the opportunity to succeed beyond their service and support their families.


Kay Granger
Member of Congress