By restoring the separation of powers and protecting our constitutional liberties, we can instill the people’s trust in government again.

Dear Friend,

I hear from many of you on your desire to see our country return to the constitutional principles this nation is founded on. As another pillar of House Republicans’ agenda, we will put forward ideas to do just that.

Article One of the Constitution does not establish an all-powerful executive, but rather three coequal branches of government. Within the system of checks and balances, legislative powers were granted to a “Congress of the United States” made up of Members elected “by the People.”

There is no question that this Administration has committed executive overreach on a number of issues. Through executive actions and orders implementing his agenda, the President has expanded executive limits and seized power constitutionally delegated to the legislative branch. This is not what our Founders intended, and attempts to stop the President’s executive actions are already making their way through the courts.

Republicans in Congress need to show the American people we’re serious about returning to our constitutional principles by halting the current overreach, reestablishing the separation of powers and by returning authorities inappropriately vested in the federal agencies back to the states.

We can do this by conducting more robust oversight through exercising the power of the purse, and through proposing solutions that check executive authority by shrinking the executive branch. When we do this, decision-making power will return back to those who know best – the states and local communities. 


Kay Granger
Member of Congress