Coronavirus Update: June 17th, 2020

By The Numbers:
Statistics are current as June 17th, 12:00pm CT  

  • In Texas, 1,522,434 people have been tested, resulting in 93,206 cases and 2,029 deaths, as reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services. There are an estimated 30,496 active cases in our state, and an estimated 60,681 coronavirus patients in Texas have successfully recovered. 
    • Tarrant County has at least 7,498 confirmed cases; Parker County has 116; and Wise County has 56.
  • In the United States, more than 2 million cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed, resulting in over 100,000 deaths. There are at least 2,104,346 cases and 116,140 deaths, as reported by the CDC.

Need to Know: 

  • Governor Abbott addresses Texans’ coronavirus concerns: Yesterday, June 16th, the Texas Department of Health reported the highest recorded number of hospitalizations for the coronavirus since the pandemic began. Also on Tuesday, Governor Abbott shared an update on our state’s hospital capacity in a press conference, stating that the recent increase in cases is due in part to outbreaks in prisons and nursing homes. The Governor also pointed outthat fewer Texans test positive for the virus than residents of any large state and fewer than 10% of all Texans who test positive need to visit hospitals at all, where the capacity of beds and medical supplies remains high. Governor Abbott reminded us, however, that while our state is re-opening, we must all do our part and continue to wear face masks, socially distance, and follow CDC-recommended guidelines to continue slowing the spread.
    • This Monday, June 15th, Governor Abbott reminded young Texans in particular to not let their guards down as summer temperatures rise and the state continues to re-open, noting a higher number of infections between Texans aged 20-29 since businesses, restaurants, and bars began opening their doors again last month.
  • More Fort Worth facilities are re-opening this week: Starting this week, more city facilities—including public libraries, animal shelters, community centers, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, and more—are re-opening. If you choose to visit any of your favorite city facilities, be prepared to participate in a health screening (like a temperature check), wear a mask, and socially distance. Click here for a comprehensive list of what’s open and for what to expect when you choose to enjoy any of these newly reopened activities.
  • Kroger Health adds another Fort Worth testing site: This Monday, June 15th, Kroger Health opened a new drive-through testing site in Fort Worth, located at 4833 Village Creek Road and open from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Kroger already has another Fort Worth testing site operating at J.P. Elder Middle School, and those closer to Dallas can partake in walk-up appointments at a Kroger test site located at Dallas CitySquare, where pre-registration is NOT required. Click here to pre-register for a coronavirus test at Kroger Health’s Village Creek Road or J.P. Elder Middle School locations.
    • To locate a testing site anywhere in Texas, visit for an interactive map provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Division of Emergency Management.