Dear Friend,

Over the summer I have watched, just as you have, the videos that raise serious questions about Planned Parenthood’s operations. I am disgusted by them. As the first and only Republican woman to represent Texas in the House of Representatives, I want to share with you my take on this very serious issue.

I strongly support a full and thorough investigation into these shocking allegations. I am pleased that House leadership announced a broad congressional inquiry that will include three House committees, and I voted in favor of a bill suspending funding to Planned Parenthood for a year while these inquiries are ongoing.

These dollars should instead be redirected to women’s health services and clinics, which currently provide robust services to those most in need. I don’t want any federal taxpayer dollars going to fund abortions, and we should not allow the deplorable actions of Planned Parenthood to further harm women and families.

I have heard from many of you regarding this issue and know how deeply affected you are by it. Your concerns are understandable - these videos are horrifying. The events depicted have only reinforced my long-held opposition to the federal funding of abortions. I have consistently voted in favor of legislation that eliminates funding for Planned Parenthood. Because of my principled leadership, I was recognized earlier this year by Family Research Council (FRC) Action for my 100 percent voting record on pro-life and pro-family legislation that they tracked during the 113th Congress.

My fellow conservative women and I in the House have an important leadership role to play on this issue. We will continue to take our responsibility seriously, and will work tirelessly to find a resolution.




Kay Granger
Member of Congress