Dear Friends,

The images of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey are heart-wrenching. Our Texas coast neighbors have lost so much – homes, possessions, and for some, family members and friends.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, though, the one thing they have not lost is hope.

The big-heartedness of Texans has been on full display in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. All across the state, people have given their time and resources to help those affected by the storm. 

Even as the waters begin to subside, volunteers and donations continue to poure in to Houston and neighboring communities from across Texas to assist with rescue efforts and to shelter wet and weary evacuees.

North Texas communities have sent first responders, equipment and other aid. Individuals and businesses alike have donated equipment, money, and time to the response effort.

The City of Fort Worth has prepared five public buildings to serve as shelters with capacity to serve thousands of evacuees from Houston and other affected areas.

The entire Texas National Guard has been mobilized to assist with search and rescue, and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the storm. About 12,000 guardsmen are conducting search-and-rescue missions from Corpus Christi to Houston.

In the wake of the hurricane, the good people of Texas have shown the world the values that make our country so special. The outpouring of generosity, kindness, volunteerism, and heroism on display this week reflects the very best of America.

Donations of clothes, diapers, water, non-perishable foods and other essentials are badly needed. If you can donate, make sure to do so to a reputable organization. 


Kay Granger

Member of Congress