Stop Government Abuse Week

February 28, 2014

Dear Friend, 

This week, the GOP-led House of Representatives took action to curb government abuses that are impacting the daily lives of Americans across the country. 

Whether its burdensome regulations, wasteful spending, government overreach or a lack of transparency and accountability, more must be done to ensure these types of issues are addressed. 

The House voted on several bills to tackle many of these problems. For example, the House voted on HR 899, a bill that will enhance transparency of federal mandates and increase consideration about their impact on the private sector. We continued our efforts to hold the IRS accountable by voting on legislation that will ensure the practice of political targeting is stopped once and for all. 

We also voted on the Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act, which would require every federal agency to provide taxpayers an annual report card on all of its programs, including administrative costs, expenditures for service and number of program recipients. Along the same lines, a vote was held on the Taxpayer Transparency Act. This bill would require executive branch agencies to include a disclaimer to alert the public to any communication such as mailers, TV/radio ads, etc. that are paid for at the taxpayer expense.

To see a full list of the legislation the House voted on this week, click here. I hope the Senate will join the House in supporting these commonsense pieces of legislation.  


Kay Granger
Member of Congress