Dear Friend,

This morning, the Department of Labor issued its monthly jobs report for August.  The news was discouraging.  The economy had no job growth in August, and the national unemployment rate stayed stuck at 9.1 percent.

After spending the month of August meeting with constituents and attending events in the 12th District, I will be heading back to Washington next week.  I have had the opportunity to speak with many individuals, groups, and organizations in the district who want to see the job market grow and the economy recover.  Everyone I met was emphatic about what they expect:  Congress must work together to pass legislation to boost the economy.  When Congress reconvenes next week, House Republicans will be focused like a laser on jobs. 

One of the ways the House is working to foster job creation is by reducing the regulatory burden on small and large businesses.  Here in Texas, we have learned that getting government out of the way is one of the best ways to create jobs.  Now it is time to apply these lessons on a national level.  That’s what the House is working to do.  We have consistently voted on measures to repeal job-destroying regulations in order to empower businesses to create more jobs.  These measures have ranged from taking out specific regulations, such as the 1099 requirement for small businesses, to fundamental structural reforms. 

Over the next few months I look forward to voting on key pieces of legislation to release large and small businesses from the regulatory burdens they face.  I encourage you to monitor the progress of the jobs bills we are considering here


Kay Granger