Dear Friend,

The Republicans in Congress are focused on laying out an agenda to show the American people policies that will get our country on the right track.

Coming out of our annual retreat, the Republican Conference announced the five pillars of this agenda: National Security; Jobs and Economic Growth; Health Care; Poverty and Opportunity; and Constitutional Authority. Over the course of this year, each Member of Congress and their constituents will provide input for policy solutions dealing with these topics.

I want to share my thoughts with you today on the national security piece of this agenda as I continue to hear from many of you regarding your anxiety about recent world events. I understand, and share, your concerns with the growing threats posed by North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists. In order to make the world safer for you and your family in the 21st Century, the United States needs to continue to modernize and grow our military, protect our homeland and reengage in world leadership.

Furthermore, the rapid advance in technology and communication creates a new set of challenges. Our enemies are no longer limited by their physical location - their reach is now global with a few clicks of a button. Our military must be agile enough to confront multiple threats, even as they evolve. Outdated and ineffective policies that hinder the Pentagon’s ability to respond rapidly should be eliminated or revised.

Congress has an important role to play in finding solutions to our national security challenges. In doing so, we’ll work to make the United States strong and confident on the world’s stage, and safe and secure at here at home.



Kay Granger
Member of Congress