vel playing field and trade agreement for American businesses. Iceland has some of the best fish in the world, and as you all know in Texas, we have the beef! These international trade discussions were fruitful and will continue to be a high-priority for me.


There are 200 therapeutic labs like Legacy Heart Care across the country, but Legacy Heart Care in Fort Worth is the leading center of excellence. Michael McGrath who is the President of Legacy Heart Care took me on a tour of the therapeutic lab and explained how during Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) treatment the “body cuffs” pump the blood flow through a patient’s arteries. After our tour, I was able to visit with patients who told me that they didn’t have the breath to walk until coming to Legacy Heart for EECP treatment.


The Rotary Club of Aledo is a rapidly growing and increasingly influential group of Rotarians that is doing great things to support their local community. Located in eastern Parker County, Aledo close-knit community that is experiencing tremendous growth because of its top-rated school district, new home construction and its proximity to Fort Worth. Many towns in America, like Aledo, are having a lot of new construction and are feeling the constraints of the labor shortages in the construction industry. Many of the workers that fill these jobs are from Mexico and South American countries. During my visit, we discussed immigration and the border crisis, I assured the residents of Aledo that I will continue to working to find real long-term solutions to immigration reform.


I sat down with AJC members and we discussed the alarming rate of anti-Semitic attacks and rhetoric. I’m a founding member of a House bipartisan taskforce to address this issue, and I will be talking with my colleagues about the importance of joining the taskforce when I’m back in DC next week. We also discussed two important bills, H.R. 3545 which would provide incentives for hate crime reporting as well as grants for state-run hate crime hotlines, and H.R. 3104 which would establish the Partnership for Peace to promote joint economic development and finance ventures between Palestinian entrepreneurs and small businesses in Israel and the United States. I agreed to cosponsor both of these bills.


During my visit to the Weatherford Rotary, I talked about China and the growing threat that they are posing to the United States. China is investing in countries all around the world to expand their influence. It is critical that we stop the Chinese from continuing their unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, and stem the tide of their global investments around the globe. One way that we slow China from their global economic influence is by forging new trade agreements with other countries.


I am grateful to the Westside Rotary of Fort Worth for inviting me to visit with them. I updated attendees about my work on the front lines of the debate surrounding immigration reform. There are two issues that are being lumped together in the debate on immigration reform, DACA and illegal immigration. There are two separate issues and I believe it is very important we treat them as separate issues. Both have major economic implications for the United States, and both affect our job markets. Rest assured, I will continue working along with others in Congress on meaningful solutions to the immigration and border crisis in this country.


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Kay Granger